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Joseph, Jefferson, and Jefferson's guest chat:


"Mr. Valentin, allow me to introduce to you my eminent friend, the Abbé Correia. He became a member of the American Philosophical Society as soon as he set foot in America," Jefferson said.

"Mr. Correia was the secretary of the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon for many years," Jefferson continued. "From there he moved to London and, later, to Paris. We're fortunate to have him with us in America now."




Joseph recalls:


Monticello's dining room was an intimate space painted in a stylish, bright color—so-called chrome yellow.

I had dressed for the occasion. I wore my best jacket, my Florentine breeches, a clean white shirt, and my only pair of black silk socks. My shoes had buckles, and I made sure my garters would be in place the whole evening. Jefferson, on the other hand, was dressed in a modest blue coat and black breeches; his soft leather shoes looked like slippers. His republican simplicity was patently displayed.




Joseph recalls:


Then, I took my shoes off and placed them under the high chest of drawers. How I loved my alcove bed, so tiny, the perfect size for my small build. I removed the blue damask spread slowly and noticed, for the first time, how it matched the window curtains. I went to the window and closed the shutters, a refined decorative detail. I lay down on the bed, and closing my eyes in the dim light, settled in to enjoy the liberating feeling now coursing through me.