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Eleonora's Memoir:


Nelson was now received by our sovereigns as a war hero, Queen Carolina calling him "Il Nostro Liberatore," Our Liberator. Covered with glory and needing medical assistance, Nelson was invited to stay at Villa Sesso, the home of Lord Hamilton, the British Ambassador. It was here that Emma Hart, now married and addressed as Lady Hamilton, took care of Nelson's recovery. In time, Lady Hamilton became Nelson's lover.





I adored Naples, where Vesuvius's mysterious presence reflected on the Mediterranean Sea. There was something unique, and exciting, about living in a city whose volcano seemed ready to erupt at any moment. Neapolitans called their city città-spettacolo, spectacular city, and I agreed.





As the queen's librarian, I often had the honor to enter her private quarters at the palace. …The entourage was joyous, endearing, and I so enjoyed those visits with Carolina. There, I very much admired the objets de vertu she collected: clocks, statuettes, brooches, and miniatures. I particularly liked the potpourri, the large vases she had filled with aromatic herbs to freshen up the air. The queen was usually surrounded by her progeny.