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Joseph and Jefferson chat:


"I plan to attract to Virginia the best European minds." Jefferson had a suave manner. "You already live in this country, which is an advantage. André Thouin's letter of introduction for you is outstanding."

"You flatter me." I trembled with excitement while looking through the windows at the west lawn's vibrant grass.




Suor Amadea Della Valle:


I came to Piazza Mercato in the early morning that day, and found it already filled to capacity. For the public, the slaughter of a noble figure was an event worth witnessing. As this one involved a noblewoman, the lurid appeal was intensified. The scaffold had been placed high. With bloodthirsty gusto, the crowd anticipated the sight of Eleonora's sexual organs.




Joseph's letter to Eleonora:


Our love is impossible and we must renounce it for our own good. My father opened his heart to me on our way to Rome and I must free him from feeding one more mouth. I'm his oldest son, I have responsibilities I can't discard. The Duke of Lafões advised that I follow a religious career in Rome. If I do, he will promote my future in Portugal and, therefore, assist our family. I will help him with his scientific pursuits and, in turn, he…