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Joseph recalls:


One of the gardeners, Goliah, had left us two shovels in the ground for us to dig holes and plant the magnolia seeds. We set to work, and I was glad the sun was getting lower; Jefferson had chosen the right time of day for our job. When we finished with the seeds, we covered the holes with soil, gently spreading it to a smooth surface. We marked each spot with a stake. Afterward, Jefferson took out his ivory notebook and jotted down some thoughts.





The confession of my delitos, sexual sins, to the Inquisition is, notwithstanding, a sore in my past. I signed my admission, it's forever registered in Cadernos do Nefando, Abominable Sin Book. The church is known for its excellent record keeping throughout the ages, and I am a living proof of that practice. I will go into these matters now, the abundance of nature surrounding me prompts my entering the crevices of my soul.





I've inhabited a world that has been the most satisfying of gardens, and I consider the flora that the earth and the rain sustain a rare elixir. Naturalists knew this, the reason I had species named after me. This was my ultimate privilege, and I'm proud of its many varieties: the Correa virens, the Correa speciosa, the Correa pulchella, among others.