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Joseph recollects:


I had found a good way to increase Edward's interest in the language. Father Pierre Babad, a Frenchman and St. Mary's teacher of Spanish and Portuguese, was writing the first Portuguese grammar in America and, whenever the two of us discussed the book's progress, I brought Edward along. Since both Father Babad and Edward were native speakers of French, they enjoyed a freer conversation when discussing the intricacies of Portuguese.



Joseph and Jefferson chat: 


"Another Catholic priest bound by vows of chastity with a child. You're not the first, and you won't be the last." Jefferson leaned forward in his chair and continued rubbing his wrist. "I lost my mind in Paris. Few of my Portuguese friends know of this secret of mine. Edward, my son, might join me here in America."



Joseph recollects:


The former president and Edward had related beautifully during our brief visit a couple of years back. I was pleased with my son's flawless French manners. Jefferson had gathered Patsy and his grandchildren to meet Edward. That first night at the dinner table, he had seated Edward between his granddaughters, Virginia and Mary, closest to Edward in age. Then, kindly, he asked Edward all sorts of questions.

"Are you enjoying America, young man?"