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As the novel opens, aristocratic Eleonora Fonseca Pimentel pleads with the High Court of Naples to

be beheaded instead of hanged like a criminal. One of the leading revolutionaries of her time, Eleonora

contributed to the establishment of the Neapolitan Republic, based on the ideals of the French Revolution.

Imprisoned in 1799 after the return of the Bourbon Monarchy - due to her work as editor-in-chief of Il 

Monitore Napoletano - and while waiting to be sentenced, she writes a memoir. Here, she discusses

not only her revolutionary enthusiasm, but also the adolescent lover who abandoned her, Joseph Correia

da Serra. 

While visiting Monticello many years later, Joseph discovers Eleonora's manuscript in Thomas Jefferson's

library. Now retired, Jefferson is committed to founding the University of Virginia and entices Correia with 

a position when the institution opens. As the two philosophes explore Eleonora's writing through the lens of

their own lives, achievements, and follies, they share many intimate secrets.
Told from Eleonora and Joseph's alternating points of view, the interwoven first-person narratives follow the

characters from the elegant salons of Naples to the halls of Monticello, from the streets of European 

capitals such as Lisbon, London, and Paris to the cultured new world of Philadelphia and the chic soirées

in Washington.
Eleonora and Joseph were both prominent figures of the Southern European Enlightenment. Together

with Thomas Jefferson, they formed part of The Republic of Letters, a formidable network of thinkers who

radically influenced the intellectual world in which they lived - and which we still inhabit today. 


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Jefferson Market Library - Authors Julieta Almeida Rodrigues and Lisa Yarde

The Perils of Researching Real People in Historical Fiction

October 20 at 2:00pm, EST