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Hora Crepuscular/Drawing Dusk/La Hora Crepuscular  (2014) is a hymn to the Unesco World Heritage Site of Sintra and its surrounding hills. The writer's unique voice captures with mastery a world of veiled enchantment. Having three languages to chose from, Portuguese, English and Spanish, you will be carried away by sights, sounds, smells, fears and wonders. Artist Thelma Chambers completes the depiction with her cover, Monserrate Series, Border Plants Gouache.





 The Rogue and Other Portuguese Stories (2014) signal and propel forward contemporary discourse into Portuguese society. Not only personal and familial identity unfurls across the page, but also national identity. Broad in scope and psychologically deep, this collection is an invaluable aid in dissecting the current Portuguese condition. The cover photo of downtown Lisbon is by artist Manuel Pessôa-Lopes.





 On the Way to Red Square (2006) is a collection of stories set in Soviet Moscow in the 1980s. Julieta Rodrigues meshes fictional personal subject matter with social and political issues to produce a moving and thought-provoking book. The setting may be inimical and mysterious to many but the human dilemmas must be familiar to all. The cover is the pastel "Bolshaya Ordynka Street," by the late artist Robin P. Purnell.