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"Hora Crepuscular/Drawing Dusk/La Hora Crepuscular is an alluring text, written with a magic wand."

The late Ana Vicente, Writer and Women's Rights Activist


"In her reverie, Julieta Almeida Rodrigues shares with us the elusive magic of Sintra."

Gina Luria Walker, Professor of Women's Studies, The New School 


"The Rogue and Other Portuguese Stories is an accomplished work which positions its author firmly at the forefront of contemporary Portuguese short fiction." 

Erik Van Achter, Researcher, Center for Portuguese Literature,
University of Coimbra and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium


"While exploring the enduring hypocrisies and injustices in contemporary Portuguese life, Julieta Rodrigues

demonstrates a heartfelt and admirable interest in those who rarely if ever make the news or draw

our ongoing attention, unveiling - in compelling and complex ways - what is most curious and

dramatic in their lives."

Richard Zimler, The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon


"On the Way to Red Square exceeds the boundaries it has created for itself: between the private and

the political, the everyday and the theatrical, love and alienation, informers and their victims, life

and death, joy and sadness, Russians and foreigners, "us" versus "them." "

Olga Meerson, Professor of Russian, Georgetown University 


"Julieta Rodrigues reminds me of Chekhov."
Robbie Murphy, Best American Short Stories
under the name of Roberta Gupta